Tuesday, April 29, 2008

*sniff sniff* Spitsy is 6 mo old!

This is a few days late as well (I'm good at this whole on time thing, lol). Miss Spits turned 6 months old on the 25th. :( She's not a tiny baby anymore!! I swear mine are all defective.. I keep asking for a baby that doesn't grow up! Well, looks like this one's going to get bigger just like the rest.

What's the funnest thing about new bike helmets??

Riding around the neighborhood showing them off? no. Of course not! It's straddling the arm of the couch with them on pretending to ride around the neighborhood!! Well, that's not the funnest thing, but my boys haven't tried whacking eachother in the head with them on. I'll know when they do though....

"*Whack*.. hehe!! *whack* Hehe! That doesn't hurt! *whack* hehe!"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mith Thath can't thay her eth thounds....

Because she lost her second front tooth!!! Lol. She now has a rather large gap on top and a smaller gap on bottom... she looks like a mini hockey player, lol.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've lost it....

Today was shopping day. Hubby got paid today (Thursday)so I figured I would knock out all shopping in one day. BIIIIG mistake!!!

We left about 2:30 pm and went to Costco... that wasn't too bad, although the boys poked at muffins and the girls were touching EVERYTHING!!! Looking back now, though, that was pretty good!!!! Next was Target. While we were in the parking lot Queeny started dancing around and crying and told me she had an accident... UGH!!! So, we rushed in, grabbed a pair of pants, a top and a pack of unders, paid for them then ran into the bathroom to change.. After that we grabbed some stuff we needed (I think... I can't remember most of it!! It's a blur!!!) then made the trek to toys for Queeny's gifts from kids. Wow... There's no way I'm taking 5 kids there again!!! It could have been worse but Spitsy was sleepy in the Snugli the whole time. We stopped by the thrift shop and dropped off a couple bags to donate then I (stupidly) thought it would be a good idea to surf the racks for nice clothes. We found some cute dresses for the girls, a cute overall and onesie set for Spitsy, a cute top for either Sass or Queeny (whoever it fits, lol) and Sass got some Babysitter's Little Sisters books. So, thinking.. their tired, there's no way they'll be out of control at Walmart we headed on over there. Let's just say by the end of the day a couple of moms who got away from their kids for the night helped me get kids in the van and loaded my purchases up in the back.... I envy them... They got away!!! lol.

I swear.. I'm NOT leaving the house until hubby gets back in a little over 4 weeks!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Drama Queen!!!

Ok, so I'm posting this a couple days late..

Queeny is 6 years old as of Wednesday!!! *sniff sniff* My babies are growing up!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Pig!!!

My kids have recently discovered the wonders of Charlotte's Web... remeber that story from when we were kids?? Oh, and the cartoon... I have fond memories of singing along to "Chin up, chin up, everybody loves a smiling face...." Now, what was it that drew the crowd the second time?? The message?? Radiant.. that's right. Buddy likes that one. It must be his favorite.

Today, little miss Drama Queen came up to me with a lampshade on her head. She asked me "Mommy, what do I look like?" The correct response.. "Why, a village princess sweetie" Now, where that came from, no clue, but she insists that's what a lampshade on the head means... I think I need to talk to the dr about her, lol.

Anyway, While, the correct response was village princess, Buddy had a different opinion... in response to "Mommy, what do I look like?" he chimed in "Some radiant pig!!!" Where a 4 year old comes up with a reply like that.... no clue... all though I'm sure hubby would have said something along those lines, lol.

So, I have a little butt living amongst my monsters, lol.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Aren't 2 year olds Fun?

You know that horrible, terrible thing all mothers must do once in a while? Laundry?? Well, I had to do that yesterday (and because I dawdled I am finishing it today). Kiddo likes to help. He'll pick things up out of the basket and hand it to me, only to turn around and pick up another article of clothing before I had a chance to fold the one he gave me not 2 seconds earlier. Within a couple minutes I have piles of clothes anywhere but in the basket and none of them folded, lol. If you've ever had a 2 year old I'm sure you're nodding in agreement right now!! lol. Well, Kiddo is also rather observant and, cute little thing, listens to every word you say!! He also is knows what is being spoken about.

Hmmm, laundry.. observant 2 yr old, where is this heading?? Must be just a rambling post. No, I have a point, I just want to bore you before you burst out laughing!! lol.

Now, if you are prude and believe that children should be raised in a box, and led to believe that body parts should never be mentioned in any matter and that we should all act as if nothing between the feet and head exist then read no further... I talk about boobs!!!! lol

Ok, now on to the boobs. So, Kiddo was helping me with laundry, he is observant and can apply words to their meanings.... He pulled out one of my bras and said "Momma!! Booby!!" ROFL!!! Now, I decided that hubby HAD to know what he said so I walked over to him and told him... when I turned back around Kiddo was pulling at his shirt right over his chest saying "Booby!!!"

Who can resist such a cute little thing?? lol

Thursday, April 10, 2008

RAVE!!! Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Pocket Diapers!!!!


You have to admit... paper diapers suck!!! No one likes changing diapers!!! If you do then there is help for you I'm sure.... Anyway, I was sick of the blowouts, sick of the leaking diapers, sick of the stink of paper diapers. Well, after an incident with the sposies Spitsy was in as a newborn I decided to take the leap and get cloth diapers!!!

A little backgroud... I had been wanting to cd for a while. Since Buddy was a baby, actually, but just wasn't able to afford the nice diapers. I tried making them, but that failed so I settled and went back to sposies. All of my younger 3 have been in cloth at some point. We tried prefolds with Kiddo (the Gerber ones from Target... great burpies... horrible diapers!!!) but hated them!!!

This year with the tax refund (how awesome is it that I get a nice sized check every year??) I decided that we were making the switch. I was eyeing the Bum Genius 3.0 one size pocket diapers for a month or so while waiting for the money. The second I noticed it in the bank I ordered them!!! 6 of each color except blue!! Within a week I found them sitting on my porch!!! Oh happy happy me!!! Let me tell you, we will NOT go back!! $406, and SOOO worth it!!! We haven't had a single blow out, they don't stink as bad and washing them isn't all that bad!!! I prefer washing diapers over changing nasty sposies anyday!! Oh, and don't worry about the 'poop in the washer' issue.... I wash and BLEACH rags after each diaper load, lol (yes, that's for you and you know who you are!!!). I'll have to post a pic of Spitsy in one of her nice little dipes!!!

Ahhhhh... A trip to Mexico....

Doesn't this sound nice?? Staying in a 4 star (or is it 5 star?) hotel, sun, no cleaning or cooking to do, work out whenever you want, swim when you want, Go to clubs, watch movies (yes, in english, lol) for 6 weeks with no kids??? Ah, I can just imagine it.... but, unfortunately, it's not me going!! Hubby is going without me!!! Yes, he's running off to Mexico. Now, before you accuse him of being a deadbeat jerk I must explain. Well, I'll give you a minute to entertain those thoughts for a moment... Hmm, hmm, lalala, doo dee doo.. Ok,He's going on a business trip! He'll be gone for roughly 6 weeks. He's talking about needing gym shorts for when he doesn't have anything better to do and decides to head down to the hotel gym!!! Just for that I'm considering making him let me do the Gold's Gym no down $20 a month deal. I need to get fat butt in shape... not the round shape it is now, lol.

Anyway, back to hubby. He was notified last week that the office in Mexico was so impressed with the work he did there back in August that they want him to go back and do it again. Last time he was there he went to clubs, went to a festival of some sort (like an independence day thing I guess) watched movies at the homes of some of the other employees. He says it's nice there.

So, I will be a single mother for about 6 wks. Luckily the difference here will be I won't have to work to support myself... his checks will still be direct deposited into my checking account to do with as I please *insert evil laugh here*. I'm thinking a second car, redecorate the whole house with designer furniture and stainless steel appliances... I would upgrade my computer but the geek in him would feel cheated on, lol. Ooh, I know what I could do!!! I'll blow it all on a NICE lens for my camera!!!

Hmm, I forgot. We kinda need stuff like electricity and gas... Well, there go my plans, lol. I guess I'll feed my kids instead of buy myself toys, lol.

Energy in a bottle!

Seriously, what's better at getting you going and feeling great than big bag of peanut butter cups a caffeine laden carbonated beverage?? Ok, I'm sure there are plenty of things, but none of then taste as good, lol.

I can easily go through a jumbo bag of individually wrapped Reeses pb cups and a 2 liter bottle of Dr Pepper in a day. Hmm, maybe that's why I wear a size 13 jean and L/XL top, lol. I just don't have the energy to do anything but sit on my butt and watch the kids trash the house otherwise, lol. Speaking of which, I should probably get up and clean something while the house is calm....

My adventures in motherhood!

Here, get to know me a bit!! First of all... YES!! I know how this happens!! I wouldn't have so many if I didn't at least like it a little, lol.

Ok, now that that's out of the way I'll go on with a little about me. I met my husband senior year of high school. We were both barely 18 when we got engaged. Not long after that we discovered how fertile we are, lol. Baby number one was on the way by the end of senior year!! Well, number 2 wasn't far behind. 16 months later my little girl became a big sister! 22 months later little sister became a big sister too! This time to a brother. Well, 2 girls, one boy... gotta even this out.... At 18 months old little brother got his little brother... All is well, right? No! Apperently a little girl was still waiting to come to our family. She arrived when baby brother was 27 months old. She is now 5 months old and very much loved! Her brothers and her sisters just adore her!!! I couldn't ask for better kids.

Now you know why the size of my family makes me not so sane... Now for the rest, lol.

I also... get this.... HOMESCHOOL!!!! Oh, the horror, lol. Do I ever get a moment to myself?? No. Do I ever get to get my hair done? Only if I run from the house before hubby catches wind of my plans to leave him with the kids for a little bit. Do I ever get to spend time with friends? Sometimes.... the ones who don't mind a bunch of little people bouncing all over them as I sit dazed on the couch in sweats and a t-shirt with my hair pulled up into a sloppy ponytail... lol.

You know what.. I love it!!! I can't imagine spending the day without my kids. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't had any of them. I get overwhelmed at times, yes, but who doesn't? There are times that make it all worth while. My kids hugging and kissing me and saying "I love you mommy!" out of the blue. Watching my kids as they *get* it when I teach them. I would feel as if I were missing out on so much if I sent them to school.

Well, it's late. I spent the last couple hours looking for a cute template for this blog (In't it cute?!? and so me!) and ended up with a sleeping baby on my lap. I better get her, and myself, to bed. Goodnight!