Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!!

Could the season get any better? I just love this one annual event! Of course, the days and weeks leading up to this one event and the recovery period aren't quite so wonderful, this one day every year makes it so worth it! The light in the kids' faces, the magic in their hearts... nothing else can halt the balking over the excessive baking and clutter galore quite as easily!

Today was absolutely wonderful! I say this surrounded in doll packaging and the stray bits of wrapping paper that I missed during the initial sweep of the house once the paper tearing frenzy was over and the random toy pieces that all belong to various sets and will likely be misplaced, only to be reunited with it's original set in, oh, 6 months or so. Doesn't that, right there, prove the last sentence of the last paragraph to be true? Lol. I will get into that subject a little more thoroughly when I can compose my thoughts a little more eloquently. I have a mindful of thoughts that would fill a single post and then some! Lol. That post will have to wait, though, since my normal, human self isn't able to run on an unlimited amount of energy and something begins to wane when exhaustion pushes it's way to the front. Well, my ability to be witty and cute is that sacrifice right now.

I just thought I'd wish all of my dear friends a very Merry Christmas before the day has passed!! I just noticed that even if you're on the east coast it's still before midnight, therefore still Christmas! Besides, If I don't do it now then it likely won't happen until next year, lol.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow!!!

The white stuff has been piling on us for about a week now off and on! This is the most snow I've seen in a couple years!! I LOVE it! Well, not the roads. I really wish they could invent roads that repel snow. Wouldn't that be nice?? As of right now I cannot see a single patch of, well, anything ground related when I look outside. It's so pretty! And the snow is falling straight down, not like a few days ago when it came at my porch at an angle. I had to actually shovel my porch!!! Right now, though, there isn't a single flake adorning my path from the door to the steps!!

Happy Birthday Sass!!

Only 9 days late here!! Lol. 8 years old on December 13th... My baby (well, big girl, but she'll always be my baby!) is growing up!!

Now, keep in mind we had just eaten lasagna for dinner, hence the red mustache, lol.

Happy Birthday Fuss!!

Almost 2 months late!! Ack!! Well, Miss Fuss celebrated her first birthday at the park on October 25th! Yay!

Here she is with her birthday cake and oh so stylish "bib" lol (hey, it kept her clothes most of the way clean, lol).


Finally! Some Pics of my Kids!!

I was looking through my blog today and realized it is bland. The purple is pretty, yes, but it needs more! Then I remembered that I promised you all a pic of Fuss in a Bum Genius so, here she is in a yellow BG One Size pocket diaper!!


And them some of them all for you aweing pleasure!





And another of Fuss

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well, I'm back with a new outlook!!

So, I was pretty down last time I posted anything, lol. I probably made you all roll your eyes in annoyance at my 'pity-me' show. Well, that is over and has been for a while!

I've moved on. I still don't have a job and my financial situation is worse than the last time I posted, but that is trivial in comparison to what I've come to learn. I made the concious and not so concious decision to be happy. I was such a pessimist when I was with my ex. I irritated myself at that time and I don't see how ex can stand being so down constantly! Being away from the negativity he brought has shown me that there is a bright side to this life. There is something to hope for. There is something to work for and a reason to dream. My current motto is "Things will work out eventually. I just have to wait for eventually to get here." and I've decided that I don't need to be the portrait of grief and despair. I can choose to not think about a problem if the solution is out of my hands at the moment, and that is what I'm doing. If you see me on the streets you wouldn't know that I'm dealing with anything tough at the moment because I've chosen happiness! Now, don't get me wrong, I am not totally ignoring my problems. They are obviously still there, alive and well just as my heart is beating in my chest. However, it makes me miserable to dwell on them when I am unable to take care of them. Who wants to make themselves miserable? Not me. So, I refuse to think about it until I can do something about it. When the solution is within my reach it isn't so depressing, thus sparing me the dull ache I felt before.

So, this is a new me. Happy, optimistic and annoyingly cheerful!!

Merry Christmas!