Sunday, May 25, 2008

Miss Spits is 7 months old...

Now, congratulate me for posting this ON the day she turned 7 months!!! Lol.


The other day Miss Spits reached a milestone!! We woke up in the morning and I sat in bed playing with her toes, and her tummy and those cute little dimply cheeks on that smiling little face when I thought "Hmm, what would happen if I sat her up"... SHE SAT!!! For a good 2 minutes!! I put a toy between her feet and she grabbed for it and just sat there playing with it!!

Kinda bittersweet.... My baby's growing up!! Just 7 months ago I was getting ready for an appointment with my midwife (which led to rushing to the hospital to have her forcibly evicted, lol) Now she's sitting, eating solids (sometimes) and she'll pull her knees under her!! I remember when Scooty (see Miss V's blog) was born... He's a big boy now!!! Baby's get too big too fast!!

Does anyone even READ this blog??

ROFL!!! Well, even if it's just me and my best friend that's enough!! Lol. I suck at journaling so I figure this is just as good!!! Lol. Now, let's just hope that blogger's servers are still up and running when my grandchildren try to learn about where their insanity (and genius if I do say so myself) comes from, lol.

So, if you're reading!! Let me know you're there!!! Lol.


18 1/2 hours until my Honey comes home!!!!

Be prepared to be knocked over by some weirdo wearing a baby and 4 children (2 of whom will likely chew through their stroller straps to attack you at the gate) running at you at first sight!!!!

Cute 2 year old stuff for your awwing pleasure!!!

I just love my little Kiddo!! He is just the cutest little thing!! Here is some stuff that he has said over the last couple days, mostly today (today meaning Saturday since I have not yet gone to bed, lol)

Said to me as I lay in bed trying to wake up "Momma, wate up Momma"

As I put my back into scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees, he comes along and rubs my back saying, "Momma, you pree Momma. Me wuv you Momma"

As I do dishes, him with a really adamant tone to his voice, almost scolding like, "Momma, me wuv you. You wuv me too Momma. You pree Momma"

And then there's this gem.... said after something he was playing with hit his chest "Momma, mine boobie hurts"

I swear, there are times when I will be in the worst mood and just hearing him say I'm "pree" (pretty)or that he "wuvs" me can turn my day around and put the biggest, fattest smile on my face!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008



I'm going crazy sweetie!! I can't wait for you to get back here!!!

Goats, Chickens and Kittens!! Oh my!!!

I am now admitting to a skill I have. A little known skill that I haven't used in years, but will be using this weekend!! Here goes... I can milk goats!! Yep, that's right. I have a little bit of farm girl in me, lol.

A friend from my homeschool group posted on the homeschool forum that she needed someone to come milk her goats and gather eggs and just take care of the animals while she's camping with her family this weekend. I replied, as well as several others, but I was the only one who has milked before. So, needless to say I was chosen to be the stand in milker.

I'm actually looking forward to it!! I met the goats last night and, oh, are they cute!!! I also saw the chickens!! That was awesome! And then, of course, I stayed and chatted for a bit, as is my nature. Lol.

And what about the kittens? Well, while we were in the barn meeting the goats her 7 year old son brought in a couple cute little kittens!! So fluffy and soft!!! Kinda makes me want another one... Kitten, that is!! lol. But then I think... They scratch, they poop in the house and they shed. No thanks!!! The 1 cat we have is too much for me as it is, lol.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I have come to a conclusion!!!

My walls are boring! My house is bland!! My house looks like 5 kids live here!!!

I am going to redo my walls. My living room and bedroom walls at least. I'll be using brown paper in there. Hehe, you're thinking "And I thought WHITE was boring!!" Actually, a good friend of mine did her walls like this and they turned out beautifully!!

Ok, so, really... I'm just trying to finally move. I don't want to live here anymore. So, why am I doing the walls?? Well, I figure if I fix it up and make it look nice then we'll end up moving. Pregnancy didn't work so I need to find something different, lol.

Ok, the "pregnancy didn't work" thing is only funny if you know the history, lol. When I was pregnant with Sass, I moved. When I was pregnant with Queeny, I moved. When I was pregnant with Bud I moved. When I was pregnant with Kiddo... that's right... I moved. Well, I got pregnant with Spitsy and was almost certain we would be moving!! We started looking at houses and everything!! Here we are, still, 6 months after Spitsy came along. She broke the pattern.

So, if I do something nice for this place murphy's law states that we'll HAVE to move!! Hopefully when we do it will be to a nicer house with a bigger yard and a master suite faaaaar away from the kids' rooms!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


20 days until Da comes home....

Hurry home honey!!! My turn for a vacation now!!!!

The joy of being lazy...

I have learned that lazy can be nice!! Lol. In a grave effort to not lose my mind due to mass amounts of noise and chaos I broke the "We don't watch tv" thing and showed my 7 year old how to use the On Demand feature to watch kids shows!! Lol. Now, the child who couldn't get enough books just a week ago begs to watch Angelina Ballerina and Miss Spider and my 2 year old yells "Yay! Trains!" when he hears the opening music for Thomas and Friends.

Before, this would have bothered me. Not now. Now, those little animated life savers are keeping my hellion of a 4 year old occupied while I sit down and catch my breath or lay down to get Spitsy to sleep or, heck, close my own eyes for a minute!!! It doesn't last long, but it lasts long enough!!!

Thank you, Sprout and Noggin for taking care of my kids while I take a break once in a while!!!! (ok, quite often lately... they have a lot to catch up on!! lol)