Friday, August 1, 2008


Yep, finally happening. I'm getting a divorce. So far, things have gone from bad, to ok, to worse, to civil between us. We are discussing our divorce in a civil manner tonight. The only problem to come up so far is who gets the lcd tv, lol. I want it because it's mounted to the wall and the kids can't reach it. He wants it because the old 27 in tube tv is horrible with the xbox and he can't connect a computer to it. Either way, one of us will get it and a new one will be purchased later on for the one with the crt.

Oh, another problem is the baby. He wants me to have sole custody of the kids, but he wants to take her overnight at times. That would be reasonable if she wasn't breastfed. I'm fine with him taking her overnight once she is weaned, but that won't be until she is 18-24 months hopefully.

Oh, I really hope things go smoothly now that we have both come to terms with the divorce. He's moving out this weekend (I think... I hope) and I need to find a part time job and (unfortunately) apply for financial aid to get us by until I can make it on my own.

So, that's why my posts have been a rare sighting lately. With all of the yuck that's gone on this summer I've been stressed and overwhelmed and haven't had much good to say.